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一. What's Inside

1、High Quality Heating Element Offers superior heating performance with extended life span and minimum energy losses.(Available with glasslined 1 incoloy 1 copper selections)

2、Heavy Gauge Tank Made by ultra thick super cold一rolled steel plate with 2mm thickness.

3、BIue Diamond Enamel Coating Layer All models are equipped with ultimate protection against rust and corrosion.Blue Diamond layer(0.5mm)provides several times the corrosion resistance compared to standard inner tank designs.

4、Hearty一DutyAnode Iaod With steel care, protects Blue Diamond tank from rust and corrosion.

5、Energy Saving High Density Foam Insulation CFC free, complete protection design against radiant heat loss(20mm thickness,33.4% thicker than normal insulation design).

6、Water Tubes With Whirlflow. The Whirlflow ensures no immediate direct contact between cold & hot water for a faster heating and maximum energy saving effect.

7、Thermal Cutout Cuts off electrical power to guarantee safety.

8、Multifunctional Safety Valve Automatically relieves and discharges water in case the temperature or pressure overshoots the preset limits. Also targets a quick startup under extreme pressure conditions from pressure 0.02 Mpa to 0.8Mpa.

9、Special Glasslined Coating For Water Inlet/Outlet double care to water quality and maximizes tube lifespan.

10、Adjustable Temperature Knob With Thermostat "One-Hand" pilot design,allows a temperature setting between 25℃ to 75℃.

11、External Temperature Meter Provides clear temperature indication.

12、5-Bolt Flange Provides an easier wav for product maintenance.

13、Triple Power Input Gives multinip puwer selections forenergy saving.


. Single Weld Line

A.Provides several times the corrosion resistance and anti-rust effects compared to standard inner tank designs.

B.Single weld line on the inner tank,reduces over 67%of water leakage risk.

C.A Die-Hard life span.Pass through multiple testings including:

  Acid uric test:15% vitriol/ 48 hours;

  Anti-alkaline test:20% brine/ 15 days;

  Fatigue test:0.2M Pa-0.8M Pa,repeat 300,000

  Times(UL Standard:100,000 times);

  Environment synchronization test.


三. Heating Elements


Glasslined Heating Element

Scale and sediment build up on the surface of standard elements leads to electricity waste and premature failure.Our imported gIasslined element helps to prevent sediment formation and extend the life span of the products.

lncoloy Heating Element

The imported lncoloy heating element is highly sought after due to its excellent ability to resist both oxidization and carbonization in high-temperature settings. What's more it staves off erosion in a number of aqueous atmospheres including the most extreme water conditions.These features have made lncoloy element an industrial recognitional and the image of superior quality.

Copper Heating Element

Compared to regular stainless steel heating element, it offers a stronger resistance to both acid and alkaline substance,also it has better longevity and a better proof to rust and scale formation.

. Triple Power Input

The TPI design is currently available with power input combinations of  500W/1500W12000W,800W/1200W/2000W,and 1000W/2000W/3000W. It offers

precise power setting and leaves end user flexible choices for a carefree daily usage and life style with low carbon output. What's more, with optimized power setting it helps to  reduce electricity bill up to 70%.



ELCB Device for double safety and life-long durability.

The ELCB(Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) is designed to prevent shock and injury to users. It quickly disconnects a circuit whenever detecting an imbalance of electric current,which is sometimes caused by current leakage through the body of people who is grounded and accidentally touching the electriferous part of the circuit.