Q1. What kind of certificate you have?

A: We’ve got UL, ACS, SASO, ISI, CE, ETL, CETL, ROHS, CB, REACH, CCC etc, and lots of patents, including design patents & technology patents etc. Certificates availability depends on models and market requirement.


Q2. How many kinds of heating element available?

A: we have 9 types, Incoloy 840; Incoloy 800; Incoloy 840 with glassline coating; Incoloy 800 with galssline coating; Anti-scaling type; Copper; Anti-bacteria type, Dry heating type; And ceramics type


Q3. What is Anti-scaling type of heating element?

Anti-scaling type is our latest patented technology. Heating element with anti-scaling feature is prepared specially for markets where hard water is used in residential areas.  Scales would fall off by itself after certain amount scales covered on heating tubes and life span can be maximized.


Q4: Would you tell me more about your enamel inner tank?

Gemake use 1.8mm/2.0mm/2.5mm thickness of SPCC plates to produce inner tanks with capacity ranges from 3 to 150L. All these tanks are formed with exclusive single weld line patented technology.

In addition, wet enamel coating process are applied to form 0.38-0.5mm thickness of enamel coating layer.


Q5. What ´s the new choice of the inner tank and enamel?

Double Firing Enameled tank for your choice. Double Firing tanks have even better longevity and anti-pressure performance than current single firing tanks.

In general, life span of Gemake tanks are much longer than that of competitors and with higher levels than industry standards


Q6. What advantage of your delivery time?

A: Our tank, Shell, hardware, and even heat pipe are homemade, which contributes to better lead time and quality control.